A Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition (RAVE) to support local efforts to explore, document and conserve a large area of primary rainforest owned and protected by the Oma’lung tribe of Kenyah Dayak, in North Kalimantan, Borneo.

Borneo RAVE 2015


In September 2015 a team of young conservationists, photographers and filmmakers from Indonesia and the UK will embark on an expedition to explore and document the Tane’ Olen of Long Setulang: a large area of pristine, community-owned rainforest in North Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo.

The expedition to this culturally and ecologically important area will concentrate on exploration and documentation, following a technique known as a rapid assessment visual expedition (RAVE), with the goal of supporting the long-standing local efforts to conserve the forest. It is a collaboration between Indonesian and UK universities, charities, and institutions, and the Setulang Village community.



The primary aim of the expedition is to support local conservation and sustainable development efforts in Long Setulang and the wider Malinau district. Second to this, the expedition aims to raise awareness of and build empathy towards the Heart of Borneo rainforest, the people, plants and animals that rely on it and their uncertain future, and the work of the expedition partners in the area. Finally, the expedition aims to support the professional and personal development of expedition team. To view the Expedition Objectives in detail click the headings below to expand. 


  • Use to GPS and photography to ground-truth and document trails and sites of cultural, scientific, and touristic interest


  • Create a diverse body of professional quality images, video, and other media for promotional and educational use
  • Record wildlife sightings in order to begin building a species inventory of the area
  • Record traditional Oma’ Lung folklore, myths, stories and songs connected to the forest
  • Combine the best of the photography to produce an attractive expedition report in the form a book


  • Donate a complete image library to the people of Long Setulang, local government, and other stakeholders as a tool for promotion, education, and outreach.
  • Produce a report for local stakeholders with observations and suggestions relevant to the development of a sustainable tourism industry in Long Setulang
  • Contribute to existing efforts to train local people as guides and wardens


  • Exhibit the best images at venues in the UK and Indonesia
  • Produce and tour a film of the expedition
  • Engage an international audience online through social media and digital publications
  • Educate and inspire live audiences with lectures and talks about the expedition
  • Write popular articles for magazines and newspapers


The project is a collaboration between expedition company Beyond Exploration, Beyond Conservation, the Marine and Natural History Photography course at Falmouth University, Universitas Tanjungpura in West Kalimantan, Universitas Borneo in North Kalimantan, and the people and Tane’ Olen Management Board of Long Setulang.

Following the Expedition

We’ll be blogging on Expedition Base Camp during the run up to the expedition, and sharing all of our results, videos and films on here when we get back. You can also follow our progress and interact with us all over social media, once we get it all set up!

About The Author

Martin is an award-winning explorer, social entrepreneur, and environmental journalist specialising in the conservation of Borneo's rainforests. He is the founder of the Beyond Collective whose projects include Expedition Base Camp and the Heart of Borneo Project. He is Expedition Leader of the "2015 Borneo RAVE - Exploring the Tane' Olen of Long Setulang"

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