Howdy! Use this form to submit your expedition to our database. We will submit this information to the RGS on your behalf so you’ll automatically be included in their comprehensive database too (if you haven’t already done that yourselves).

We’ll then work our magic to create a page for your expedition that you can use as your main expedition website if you want, or simply as a way to ensure¬†that your expedition gets seen by as many people as possible, and stays as relevant and useful for as long as possible.

And we’ll do that for you, entirely free!

Why is it free? Because this site is built and run by Beyond Exploration – a non-profit social enterprise run by explorers, scientists, educators and creators who are dedicated to making the world better.

Remember to include a few photos to help us make your page look great, and don’t forget to attach¬†files at the bottom of the form (things like expedition reports, .kmz files, etc). If your images or other attachments are too large the form may crash, so if you’re unsure, just upload a few small images with a note, and we’ll get in touch to arrange the transfer of the rest of the good stuff.

You can only upload a maximum of 10 images, and sadly you can’t save the form, so we recommend preparing your submission in a word file and then copy and pasting into the relevant boxes.

About The Author

Expedition Base Camp is a new digital home for expedition and adventure planning, promotion, and participation, with the goal of increasing the impact of expeditions and adventures around the world. It is a free and easy to use platform to promote your expedition, a place to find and share ideas and resources, and a diverse community of helpful experts and expedition newbies. Welcome, to Base Camp.

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