It’s early days for Expedition Base Camp, so why not join us on the ground floor?

Expedition Base Camp is going to be the biggest online platform for expeditions and exploration in the world. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

It’s not about money. We don’t have any and we certainly can’t offer you any just now. This is a non-profit project, so any money created from however we decide to fund the site will be ploughed back into the community.

It’s all about community.

It’s about giving back and paying it forward. It’s about inspiring people to undertake projects that can bring about change, and then helping to maximise and leverage that change. It’s about using the amazing tools that technology offers us to continue moving exploration forward.

We think Expedition Base Camp can amplify the amazing work of explorers, scientists, adventurers and artists involved in expeditions all over the world, past present and future.

If you fancy joining our team there’s no question we could use your help. You’ll become a part of Beyond Exploration – a social enterprise dedicated to discovery, education, inspiration and the pursuit of a better world – which might well open up other expedition-related opportunities.

So just use the form below to get in touch with us and let us know how you’d like to help out.


About The Author

Martin is an award-winning explorer, social entrepreneur, and environmental journalist specialising in the conservation of Borneo's rainforests. He is the founder of the Beyond Collective whose projects include Expedition Base Camp and the Heart of Borneo Project. He is Expedition Leader of the "2015 Borneo RAVE - Exploring the Tane' Olen of Long Setulang"

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