To begin, we would like to say a big thank-you to those who have donated thus far; we are excited to announce that we have breached the £1000 mark on the Indiegogo Fundraising campaign

So what have we all been doing? Well firstly, we’ve finally finished our undergraduate and masters degrees! (Well, for some, at least for this year!).
Flights to Cambodia have been purchased, inoculations and malaria tablets have been ordered and all that is left is to sort the last administration tasks and start packing!
Excitingly, we now have a total team of eight students travelling out to Cambodia. The four new arrivals include:
Laura Higgs – a MSc Conservation and Biodiversity scientist who will be in charge of Health and Safety and is the Habitat Specialist.
Hannah Hudson – a MSc Conservation and Biodiversity scientist who is logistics officer and the team Botanist.
Edward Ivimey-Cook – a MSc Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecologist who is the Communications and Social Media officer as well as the team Entomologist.
Matt Bjerregaard – a MSc Conservation and Biodiversity scientist and University of Falmouth lecturer, who will be the Media Expert and Marine Ecosystem Specialist.
Suddenly, without the pressure of thesis deadlines and exams, this trip is beginning to feel very real and the excitement keeps on building!
We will be adding some vlogs and podcasts before we leave for Koh Rong Samloem, so stay tuned!

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