Creating baseline data for herpetofauna at the Cloudbridge Nature Reserve in Costa Rica

When: 6th July – 22nd August 2016

Where: Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica

What: To catalogue the herpetofaunal diversity of Cloudbridge Nature Reserve.

Who: Students from the University of Exeter and Falmouth University FXpeditions Society.

Status: Completed


This expedition aims to catalogue all the herpetofaunal species of Cloudbridge nature reserve. To do this we will be using a variety of methodologies to capture and identify as many species as possible throughout the reserve. In addition to producing an inventory of species, we hope to conduct some scientific research into the effects of altitude on herpetofaunal species diversity.

Expedition Cloudbridge 2016


Cloudbridge Nature Reserve is situated next to Chirippo National Park in the cloudforests of Costa Rica. This means that it should have an exceptional diversity of invertebrates, herpetofauna and mammals, however the exact species found in the reserve have not been recorded for over ten years. The main aim of this expedition is to provide a baseline study for the reserve management to build on as we develop suitable methodologies to catalogue the amphibian and reptile species on the reserve. Also we will produce ID kits tailored for the species found on the reserve to inform guests and future volunteers in the species they are likely to encounter on the reserve.

We have enlisted the support of two local students to assist us with the expedition as their knowledge of Costa Rican wildlife will be essential in our study.


Cloudbridge Nature Reserve
2 Km Este de Escuela
San Gerardo de Rivas
Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica 11904

9.469952, -83.580245


• Using scientific observations and different surveying techniques for different flora and fauna, we hope to extend the species list that is already exists for the Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica.
• Publish our findings in peer-reviewed journals and provide Cloudbridge with our data to help them preserve the rainforest even better.
• By using social media, community outreach projects and documenting our expedition we hope to promote the findings of our expedition and to inspire local communities in both Costa Rica and the UK to pursue careers in ecology and conservation.


Our expedition findings are essential to assisting the reserve management in their goals to effectively conserve all the species in Cloudbridge reserve. The team will use out methodologies and findings to develop their own monitoring program to maintain an exhaustive knowledge of the herpetofaunal diversity.

Expedition Cloudbridge 2016


Louise Bienfait
Kristina Graves
Alex Greene
Valerie Kalle


Cloudbridge Nature Reserve


FXpedition Society




Royal Geographical Society
Gilchrist Education Trust
Lord Mayor Anniversary Trust

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