About the FXpedition Society

Founded in 2009 as part of the preparation for the Murung Raya Expedition, the FXpedition Society is now the most active university expedition society in the UK, according the Royal Geographical Society. The Society is in the process of adding all of its previous and planned expeditions to Expedition Base Camp, many of which can already be found from this page. The current society committee describe the FXpedition Society objectives as follows:

Valuable Research

Every FXpedition's primary goal is to conduct valuable scientific research in an area of the world that is real need of it. Many of them take place in developing countries, where conservation and ecological research have very little priority. The research conducted by the teams promotes sustainable ways of living and attempts to help local people get the most out of their natural resources, whilst preventing overexploitation.

Local Collaboration

Every FXpedition works closely with local researchers and volunteers. The teams are sure to tailor their research to the needs of the country, its environments and its people. Working with local people is invaluable, for they provide the teams with a knowledge and understanding of the terrain and the wildlife that dwells within it.

Preparation and Planning

Each team spends many months planning and fundraising for their expeditions. Nothing is done for them, all results are the fruits of their own labours, and this speaks volumes of the students. The planning process is long and difficult, but the students learn scores of new and invaluable skills that will be vital in their careers. This includes everything from budgeting, to grant-writing, logistics, advanced first aid training, the list goes on and on. The teams raise their money through a combination of grants, fundraising activities, and their own personal contributions, with team members typically contributing around £750 each.


All FXpeditions aim to do their bit with local community before and after their projects. This can take the form of performing talks and workshops with local schools, scouts, and other groups. Such events are great chance for the teams to engage with the public and inspire youngsters to pursue their interests in science and the natural world.